Remodeled Waterloo Resident - Home Theater


Waterloo Resident's Home Theater - Your Ticket To The Movies

The 8 inch diagonal screen lowers from the ceiling and the front projection system is concealed in the coffee table.  Behind the screen are dual big-screen TVs, and the custom cabinetry contains an array of electronics equipment and videotape and compact disc storage, by D.B. Acoustics and Flack Interiors.







Your Ticket to Home Theater.

More people are turning to modern equipment to satisfy their desire for theater sight-and-sound quality without leaving the house.

The lights dim. An image fills the big screen.  Sound surrounds you.  Leaning back, you let the experience wash over you.  No, you’re not at the local cinema.  Your car is still in the garage, and you’re comfortably settled in an easy chair in your own living room.

Home theater is the hottest new wave in the electronics industry.  About $1 billion a year is already being invested in the latest video and audio equipment, according to home automation research consultants.  The trend is already having a marked effect on the home building and interior design industries.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is offering its members information on how to work with electronics specialists from design phase to installation.  “Lifestyles are changing.  People want their lives to revolve around their families again, and they want a place where the whole family can gather,” says Kathy Flack, ASID, owner of Flack Interior Design Associates.  Families want to enhance the experience of watching a favorite Walt Disney film or the newest movie video available at the video store.  “It’s an exciting experience in the home, it’s become more affordable.”

This article was written by Melody Parker, Courier Staff Writer as appeared in the Waterloo Courier Home Style Page March 11, 1992

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