Halo National Lighting Design Award

Kathy's first office located at the River Plaza Building was awarded first place in the Halo-ASID National Lighting Design Competition at the ASID conference in Washington DC.

Flack’s 1st place winning entry was a Halo Power-Trac Lighting installation in her renovated first floor office space at River Plaza, which was previously the YMCA building.  Efficient use of space was her first consideration, since the business does double duty, housing her design studio and her husband James’ computer software design and support services.

“Most of the clientele (at River Plaza) use the facilities at night, so my main concern was lighting the space dramatically to capture their attention and potential business,” Flack explains.  During the day, natural light floods the central conference area because of its angled design.  The office is viewed through a glass fenestration as people enter the building, so by necessity, Flack’s work areas must be somewhat closed off and present an appearance of organization and efficiency, rather than clutter.

In the evening, low-voltage track lighting pin-spots display areas.  “I purposely chose four circuit tracks using different styles of can heads so I could merchandise the concept and show how low-voltage looks in contrast to standard incandescent down and track lighting,” Flack comments. 

She also wants to make people aware of the importance of lighting in their design plans, which is too often ignored or cut out of a tight budget.  Careful configuration of track lighting in the computer area illuminates glare on video display terminal screens.  “The conference area’s contrast ceiling tiles and incandescent down lights with the uplifted soffit adds architectural interest,” she says.  By raising ceiling heights and recessing file and catalog storage, the space appears visually larger.

The above article is reprinted from the Courier Home & Garden section Sunday July 17, 1988 by Melody Parker, Special Sections Editor.

Interior Designer Receives National Lighting Award

Dramatic lighting can turn on a room with the flip of a switch.

Subtle, well-conceived lighting techniques can heighten appeal, bringing warmth to an otherwise drab room, or play up the elegance of a particular piece of pottery, artwork or even interesting textures in fabrics, ceilings and wall-coverings.

Nighttime visitors to the River Plaza building, 505 Cedar St., were often struck by the splash of light spilling out from the offices of Flack Interior Design Associates.

Specially designed track lighting plays off the low-key but elegant cream/peach/neutral interior.  For Kathy Flack, ASID, it’s an award winning lighting system.

Kathy was selected a 1st place winner in the twelfth Annual Halo/Metalux National Lighting Competition.  She received a $1,500.00 cash prize and received her award at the national convention in Washington, D.C.

“It’s great,” Flack says.  “I’m very excited and I think it’s a great honor to receive this kind of recognition.  The perseverance, education and years of work have been worth it.”  The competition, under the auspices of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), was established by Halo Lighting in 1977 to increase understanding and knowledge of lighting techniques among interior design professionals, as well as underscore lighting as a primary design element.

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