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The Waterloo Club

Waterloo Club History

The Waterloo Club was established in 1985.  Once the original YMCA building today has been transformed to modern facilities set in the “Art Deco” theme.


The perfect beginning to any event is a stop in our beautiful atrium styled Lounge.  Relax with a cocktail, while enjoying the view of the Cedar River, and on Saturday evenings, you have added pleasure of our pianist at the grand piano.

The Lounge is the top attraction in the area for wedding and cocktail receptions.  It accommodates up to 300 and is available to our members at no charge. 

Main Dining Room

Our Main Dining Room offers many unique features among these are professional and personalized service, an exceptional wine list, unequaled décor and atmosphere, and a delicious dessert cart.  Our menus offer a wide variety of fine cuisine and special dietary needs can always be accommodated.

Whether you are celebrating a special day, entertaining clients, or going to the Symphony, The Waterloo Club is the perfect choice for lunch or dinner.

Reprinted from the Waterloo Club brochure, 1985.

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